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Our Mission is simple. We want to make San Antonio the best lacrosse community in Texas. We work toward that goal in a number ways. No matter if it's through training the top local players on our Select Teams or creating the next wave lacrosse lovers in our Youth Development League. We are committed to taking San Antonio to the top of Texas. 

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One City, One Mission



I was grateful for the opportunity for my son to continue to develop as a player and a teammate. I enjoyed seeing him get to work with some of the best coaches in the area and some good lacrosse players. ... I enjoyed the excellent communication by the coaches. Everything was well planned and well organized. You delivered what you promised. You played fair and gave ALL of the boys fair time on the field.


We were very pleased with the communication throughout the season. E-mail; practice reminders were awesome.We also enjoyed getting to know other parents and the team outings.


The coaches and instruction were great.  They helped the boys come a long way in a short time.  My son appreciated that the coaches were always teaching even in games an assistant coach was there to tell him what he did well and what he could work on next time.  Overall a very positive experience that focused on the whole team not just a few of the best players.  Thank you!

MLC Coaches & Staff

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Interested in Coaching?

We are always looking for coaches and staff to help our growing community. If you're interested in helping grow San Antonio lacrosse, shoot us an email.


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